Wire Heald


The high quality of carbon wire is used while producing the wire healds for Heald India ( Paras International ) which makes it ideal for a lot of delicate work of soft fabrics. These Healds are diversified in their style and strength and give an efficient and perfect finish to a lot of work.

Heald India ( Paras International )provides a lot of different types of wire healds meant for different purposes. Our product range includes wire Healds for:

Carpet felt and filter fabrics

Frame Weaving

Plastic woven sac

Jute weaving

Jacquard Weaving


Length: 100mm to 800mm

Gauge: 16/18/20/22/24/27/30/32

Type: Twisted/Inserted/ Twisted and Inserted

Eye Size: All sizes available in bracker(switzerland)

Tinning: Reinforced

Platting: Nickel