The reeds made at Heald India ( Paras International )are extremely important for the textile machinery industry. The quality of the Reed provided by our business is usually dependent on the type required by the client. We are versatile in the range of products and usually have everything asked for by the customer. It usually works best with looms made from carbon steel. We manufacture many varieties of reeds such as reeds for wire fabrics, double reeds, dark carpet Reeds and much more.


Count: LJP to 240

Dent Wire: Low Carbon Steel / High Carbon and Trolled

Over all Height: 58mm to 200mm

Overall Length: Upto 4.2 MTRs. (4200mm)

Air Space: 60% to 70%

Dent Size: 2.5mm/3.00mm/4.00mm/6.00mm/8.00mm/10.00mm