Leno Heddle


The leno heddles made by Heald India ( Paras International ) are compatible with a variety of models and do not cause any problems and are extremely durable. They are completely capable of withstanding the vibration and stress of today's weaving machines. The eye used for us has revolutionized the weaving industry to the core and has given the assurance of a perfect finish for every design in every fabric. This eye has a way of hitting at perfect angels and gives a perfect and shiny finish. The eye is elegantly made making it easier for yarn to pass through it with ease and minimizes the risk of wastage to yarn and fabric less by a considerable amount and also prevents the possibility of jams and breakages. To add to this excellence f work the circular edges of the product make it easier and less risky for fine yarn to work through it. Due to lesser chances of disruptions in the process this heddle also helps to save time and helps in increasing the productivity of the manufacturer. Our production in its numerous years of service to the weaving industry has managed to make a strong hold in other Leno products as well which are available at reasonable rates on the online site of the company. These heddles are incredibly easy to use for beginners as well.


All type and size of Leno Heald for all of weaving machine.