Heald Frame


Heald India ( Paras International )has reached a new level of development by introducing highly technologically advanced products such as Heald frames that can withstand weaving and vibrations even at astonishing speed. Aluminium stoves are used to build this masterpiece and which helps it to tolerate high vibrations and speed. It also uses unique noise cancellation material to reduce sounds produced while working. .

Depending on the different types of weaving machines there is a lot of intermediary support created to stabilize different structures of the frame. Along with frames we also have Heald rods made of stainless steel. To withstand the constantly changing and increasing the speed of various weaving machines lateral supports are designed. Frames for different companies ranging from Toyota and Sulzer to Dornier and Somet and also reaching to Picanol and Tsydakomaare made by our business. These frames and rods are usually accurately made and are durable and efficient. It is anti-corrosive and is easy to install.